The Nordic IoT Centre is the main IoT hub in the Nordic countries. We support companies in developing IoT systems and services, offering a one-stop-shop for releasing the value of IoT.

We offer specialised services from concept to prototype as well as concept to validated requirements of IoT systems. We do this in an ecosystem of partners and collaborators in the field of electronics, software developers and contract manufacturers.

Releasing the value of IoT requires successful implementation of technology and processes. IoT is a multidisciplinary effort involving a wide range of technical and business-related competencies.

With the Nordic IoT Centre you will get access to highly skilled specialists in all aspects of successful IoT projects.

The Nordic IoT centre offers a full range of competences and services ranging from low-level hardware issues to high-level analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.

We provide access to streamlined services in all areas, as well as specialised consultancy in specific areas.

Anders Kofod-Petersen

Deputy Director
Alexandra Institute
Anders P. Mynster

Senior Specialist, Product Compliance, Engineering
FORCE Technology