Nordic IoT Centre will make the Nordics the best place in the world to use and develop IoT-enabled products and IoT-based services

Nordic IoT Centre promotes the usage and development of IoT in the Nordics – by joining and engaging the relevant actors of the IoT ecosystem, and by enforcing Nordic values such as user focus, functional design, quality assurance and accountability in the development of IoT-enabled products and IoT-based services.

The Nordic IoT Centre is founded and facilitated by FORCE Technology and the Alexandra Institute in 2017 supported by the Danish ministry for higher education and science

The Nordic IoT Centre is the main IoT knowledge hub in the Nordic countries. We support companies in developing IoT systems and services, offering an entry point to the leading IoT development and integration specialists.

IoT combines products, data and presentation, such that you can offer your customers and partners new attractive services. The development within IoT is rapidly advancing and solutions, that was very challenging to develop a few years ago, is now available within a short time frame - if you know who has the right components. There are opportunities and challenges in the decisions on how to implement IoT and it can be difficult to find the right path. But fear not, the Nordic IoT Centre is here to guide you.

We offer specialised services from concept to prototype as well as concept to validated requirements of IoT systems. We do this through an ecosystem of partners and collaborators in the field of electronics, software developers, contract manufacturers, business consultants, and much more . 

Releasing the value of IoT requires successful implementation of technology and processes. IoT is a multidisciplinary effort involving a wide range of technical and business-related competencies.

In an industry which is advancing so rapidly, it can be difficult to find the right partners and balance between inhouse development and external development. As an impartial advisor the Nordic IoT center helps you formulate the blueprint of your IoT solution. We are an impartial advisor, that can guide you to the newest knowledge, tools and organisations within IoT in the nordic region. 

With the Nordic IoT Centre you will get access to highly skilled specialists in all aspects of successful IoT projects through our partners.

Hereby the Nordic IoT centre offers a full range of competencies and services. They range from low-level hardware issues to high-level analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.

Reduce the risk of your IoT development project by increasing your knowledge level through our unbiased consultancy in specific areas.

Alexandre Alapetite

Principal Software Solutions Architect
Alexandra Institute
Camilla Føns Mortensen

IoT Community Lead
FORCE Technology