Data spaces in Denmark

Best practices for IoT data validation
October 25, 2022

Data spaces in Denmark


Data is becoming a huge part of society, trends such as Big Data, AI, IoT, Industrial IoT, and so on, are becoming more and more integrated with society. But how does one go about using data for new applications or services?

There is much data available from different organizations and companies – both open data and data available for purchase. But even though the data is available somewhere, it is not always easy to find what is needed for a specific project. And when the data is finally found, how does one make sure, that the planned use of that data is within the terms of services and regulations?

This white paper gives a description of data spaces. The current state of data spaces alike a vision of the future – through trends in the research and political initiatives. The white paper aims at giving individuals, as well as companies, interested in using open data, a brief overview of where to find data sets in the current landscape. It also describes a few initiatives set in motion by different organizations as well as how the landscape looks regarding key actors and policies.

The focus is on Denmark’s data spaces and actors in this area. Furthermore, there will be a focus on the Smart City aspect of data spaces.   


Contact person:

Mads Johansen

Alexandre Alapetite