Harvesting the value from IoT is easy if you find the right solution and partners from the start ‚Äď this allows you to focus on the value creation and how to create value from the data you are collecting. Through our vast network of¬† partners, we will find a tailor-made solution for you if it exists ‚Äď otherwise we will find partners who has developed as much of the solution as possible already, so time to deployment is shortened.

IoT requires a multidisciplinary approach involving a number of technical and business-related competencies. In the Nordic IoT Centre, we provide access to these experts and guide you to the companies and experts most relevant for you.

When developing IoT products the possibilities seems endless. There’s a range of different roads to go down, which can make your product or service valuable for the user. The different applications, software and systems need to be compatible though, so who you chose to cooperate with can determine which other choices you have onward. If you want to make sure, that you stay in control of your product, how your users can benefit from it and how secure it is, you need to make informed decisions at every step. With a field in expansive growth, it is hard to keep the necessary overview of the consequences of choosing certain partners, products, systems etc. We provide you with that overview.

To ensure that your idea and concept have the highest probability of success, we therefore offer an ‚ÄėIot Solution Search‚Äô to make sure, that you are aware of the opportunities and challenges of the different possibilities in the IoT Ecosystem.

Nordic IoT Centre facilitates a network of more than 60 professional IoT suppliers that has delivered more than 100 IoT solutions. With our Market Scan, we help you navigate in all the suppliers and find the right B2B IoT solution for your needs, based on the solution complexity and your organizational maturity. 

Contact us to hear more about your options or read more about our members and their cases.

Step 1: Defining the system specification

The system specification forms the basis of the Market Scan and ensures that we have understood your specific needs in detail. The process of defining the specification also helps you become aware of any additional requirements needed in the system, e.g., integration to other IT systems, cybersecurity etc.

During the system specification process, we will assist you in creating a description for your desired IoT solution. The process consists of an initial meeting where we guide to create a description that will suit your needs, but also keep the description open to obtain as many solution proposals as possible. After this we will draft the specification and follow up with an alignment meeting.

It is essential not to become too focused on details (e.g. what technologies are used) but rather keep an eye on those parts of the solution that create actual value. 

The system specification consists of:

  • Overall concept¬†
  • Interfaces to existing IT-systems
  • Individual modules (HW/SW)
  • Key functional requirements
  • Key regulatory requirements
  • Volume of requested solution
  • Timeline for requested solution

Step 2: Processing the marked scan

During the market scan we use our vast network of IoT solutions developers and providers to request proposals based on the system specification. We will handle all additional dialogue with the suppliers with clarification questions.

The market scanning is not limited to the partners in Nordic IoT Centre, but is open, and therefore we utilize the network of our partners, your existing network, and supplement with an additional desktop research. This means that you get the following sources of possible suppliers: 

  • Partners use their network and contacts too
  • Forwarded to your preferred partners, clients or contacts
  • Supplemented by a desktop investigation for additional potential vendors

After the proposals have arrived, we summarize the market response in a presentation with a summary of all solution proposals 

  • Key learnings from all the solutions
  • Comparison of the proposals
  • Recommendations for realising your IoT solution

A market scan is applicable for both small and large projects


For smaller (and medium sized) projects with low complexity, we are often able to find a COTS solution which can be procured directly from the identified supplier with little or no customization.

For larger projects or projects with higher complexity the Service is often used as a Request for Information (RFI) process to identify as many solution proposals as possible that meet your needs.

Until now the Nordic IoT Centre has always been able to find a solution which is right for our clients. So, if you are thinking that we are not able to find the solution that suits you ‚Äď give us a challenge!¬†

Alexandre Alapetite

Principal Software Solutions Architect
Alexandra Institute
Camilla F√łns Mortensen

IoT Community Lead
FORCE Technology