Do you use IoT for Smart City development? Then this network is for you.

The We Build Denmark cluster is partnered with this network and accordingly, its members participate for free.

This application domain focuses on using IoT to create intelligent cities and infrastructures – so-called Smart Cities. In other words, incorporating IoT into the physical things linked to lighting, sewerage, renovation, common areas, green areas, parking, air environment, etc. around which the urban space is built.

This area of use also includes the infrastructure in, around and between cities for cars, bicycles, buses, trains, etc. In addition to the topics discussed in the network in general, this user group focuses on the following themes:

  • The good offer
  • Private-public collaboration
  • Value creation of IoT in a municipal context
Potential members
  • Technical and Environmental administrations in the municipalities
  • Manufacturers of all manner of objects and equipment for urban spaces
  • Service providers in urban spaces regarding maintenance, renovation, renewal, etc.
  • City architects and other advisors within urban and infrastructure planning
  • Public authorities such as the Danish Housing and Planning Authority, the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority, the Building and Housing Agency, Banedanmark, the Danish Road Directorate, etc.

IoT as part of the business strategy

IoT and business models

Business cases and technical cases

Development and operation of IoT solutions

Data use and application

Økosystem og løsninger fra markedet

Nordic IoT Centre’s price for participation enables everyone to join in.

Price for participation in an NIoTC network per year.

0-100 employees (small business)
DKK 5.000 per participant per network
DKK 12.500 for participation in 3-5 user groups with one participant in each group
+100 employees (larger business)
DKK 12.000 per participant per network
DKK 30.000 for participation in 3-5 user groups with one participant in each group

So, a business with for example 260 employees can participate in five user groups for DKK 30,000, while a smaller business can do the same for DKK 12,500.

If your organisation is already a member of the We build Denmark cluster, you participate for free in the networks sponsored by the cluster. If you wish to participate in more user groups, then the price of the first membership will be given at a discount in relation to the amounts if you are not a member of one of these clusters.

With a paid membership you will get:

  • Free participation in all scheduled network meetings
  • Professional facilitator who ensures high quality in all meetings
  • Facilities, materials and catering at all physical meetings
  • Access to NIoTC's digital platform with the possibility of holding user group meetings, vendor meetings, bilateral meetings, etc.and access to the group's materials on the digital platform
  • Access to the knowledge library on the digital platform – both locally in the user group and collectively across the user groups
  • Access to the ecosystem and all the vendors facilitated by NIoTC