AbenaNova – The intelligent incontinence diaper

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September 16, 2020
Setting new standards
September 16, 2020

The Danish company ABENA is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality solutions for incontinence. They have been manufacturing incontinence products and diapers since the 1970s.
Together with Silicon Valley based MediSens Wireless, ABENA created the world’s first digital incontinence product using wearable technology. ABENA developed the incontinence product and MediSens Wireless the IT cloud solution. Mekoprint was chosen to develop and produce the printed stretchable sensor linking the two solutions together.

The solution ABENA Nova is the world’s first intelligent incontinence solution produced for everyday use. A disposable product with built-in sensor and a small discrete clip attached. The sensor registers when the product is wet and a notification is sent to the caregivers’ smartphones or tablets.

As a leading European supplier of screen printed electronics, Mekoprint had the in house competences to drive the development project and ability to scale to cost-effective mass production in high volumes, matching the global ambitions for the product.

The sensors are made with an ultra-thin, soft and stretchable non-woven material screen printed with conductive carbon and laser cut into right dimensions.

Without creasing, breaking, stretching or shrinking the material, the entire production are handled in a fully automated roll-2-roll production setup with minimum manual handling. An optimum solution for printing electronics on extremely thin stretchable foils – a solution that is both cost efficient and scalable for high volume production.