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January 25, 2022
NTT DATA Business Solutions
November 4, 2021

Airthings is a global hardware-enabled software company that develops and manufactures IoT solutions for businesses, consumers, and professionals.

Founded in Oslo 2008, Airthings is on a mission to ensure that people around the world recognize the impact of air quality and make indoor air quality sensors an essential element of every building. Airthings is committed to helping businesses use digital technology to optimize their indoor air quality. This promotes a healthier environment, increases workplace produc-tivity, optimizes the use of m² and reduces energy spend. The Airthings for Business solution is easy to set up and works in any new or existing space.

Airthings for Business are:

  • Economical and scalable Out-Of-The-Box IoT solution
  • Only RESET certified battery powered wireless IAQ sensor
  • Sensors without cables or need for IT department / network - perfect for retrofitting
  • Long battery life, up to 10 years on CO2 products
  • Secure and encrypted end-to-end sensor platform
  • Professional Dashboard with REST API / MQTT / Niagara N4 integration
  • Reporting of indoor climate, virus risk and potential energy savings
  • Measurement of, among other things, CO2, particles, VOC, temperature, humidity, noise, light and radon