Enhancing waste collection efficiency through dynamic sensor-based system

Smart solutions for efficient waste collection
October 28, 2021
A Smart City’s cloud-based command center
September 28, 2021

Dynamic Waste Collection

Albertslund Municipality, together with a range of partners, has tested how they can enhance the quality and efficiency of waste collection across the municipality's public institutions using 250 sensors (90% from the brand "WasteControl").

With WasteControl sensors installed in the municipal institutions' waste containers (mainly 2 and 4-wheeled mini-containers), Albertslund Municipality, Ressourceindsamling A/S, and DOLL Living Lab have ensured dynamic waste collection at all municipal addresses.

The WasteControl sensors are positioned on the underside of each container lid and have measured the fill level of each container. The technology has reduced Albertslund Municipality's waste container collections by 70% and prevented overfilled containers by 50%.

Ressourceindsamling A/S, responsible for the physical waste collection, has tackled the task more flexibly during the testing period, with the same or fewer operating costs. "Previously, we were just running on a fixed schedule. With sensors that tell us how much waste is in the containers, we avoid emptying containers that are only a quarter or half full. As a result, our diesel vehicles are not polluting more than absolutely necessary, and we inconvenience citizens as little as possible," said Kim Wagner, Director of Ressourceindsamling A/S.