Alfred Priess

July 1, 2019
Smart Village Svebølle
May 27, 2019

In 2016 EKTOS helped Alfred Priess making their beautifully designed solar cell lighting columns intelligent and since then we have continuously optimized the functionality.
The lighting columns have Wi-Fi access which enables monitoring of the lamp’s energy consumption without physical visits to the lamp. In the cases of no Wi-Fi coverage it is possible to connect via a GSM module. Because the lighting columns are connected via the MESH network it is possible to connect to a larger group of lighting columns on one SIM card. The MESH network uses 868 Mhz.

A module from Nabto has been implemented in order to get access to the lamps through a firewall without involving the IT administrator of the local network. The Nabto module sends a message to a local server on the Internet telling where it is and which IP address and socket number it has. This happens every 15 seconds. This makes it possible to easily find and pair with the device.

Near Field Communication enables simple configuration of the software in each lamp.

The lighting columns are equipped with sensors that can measure the activity on the street and regulate the brightness accordingly. When a column detects traffic it communicates with the next column.