September 20, 2021
August 27, 2021

Bech-Bruun is one of the leading Nordic law-firms offering legal advice within all aspects of IoT

Bech-Bruun has a team of dedicated and both legal and technical competent employees covering all the legal areas influencing IoT, e.g. IT-/digital regulation, data protection and privacy, IPR and database protection, telecommunication, commercial contracts, product liability and marketing. The company is  known and respected for the practical approach to complex technology being able to talk to all groups of different stakeholders in the IoT eco-system, ranging from single inventors and start-ups to investors and large customers acquiring IoT products. The purpose is to build legal compliance into IoT-eco systems from the early idea phase over the wide development phases to the final product/solution ensuring that the clients put legal compliant and non-infringing products on the market – instead of asking for legal advice when the product is (almost) ready for the market.
When the IoT system/solution is on the market the company assists their clients in relation to both ongoing development and changes in the relevant legal areas ensuring an ongoing focus on legal compliance and thus reducing legal risk, and advising on all commercial contracts (e.g. license-, subscription and implementation agreements).
Bech-Bruun was platinum partner at IoT week 2019 which took place in Aarhus, Denmark, where they participated with a range of speakers.