CLIMAID Insight provides a data basis for managing the indoor climate

CLIMAID Mould assesses the risk of the mould in the building
August 23, 2022
Monitoring af life buoys
June 8, 2022

CLIMAID Insight is an open IoT platform that collects, analyses and visualises all types of data from your buildings

We measure the physical indoor climate, the experienced indoor climate and weather data. All this data is displayed on the online platform CLIMAID Insight together with the recommendations on how to achieve a better indoor climate and optimize energy consumption.

The platform has been developed to be used by both technicians and non-technicians and thus functions as a data-based foundation for everyone working towards a good indoor climate. CLIMAID Insight is open to all sensors and we have +20 different types (more are constantly being added), this means that the solution  can be modified according to specific needs and economy.

Brøndby Gymnasium - Monitoring of the indoor climate

Brøndby Gymnasium experienced low air quality in their premises, even though there was already mechanical ventilation. It has been decided to do something about it and therefore launched an investigation into the indoor climate. Based on the study from CLIMAID, Brøndby Gymnasium decided to use air purification in combination with their existing ventilation solution.

Brøndby Gymnasium concurrently uses CLIMAID Insight to document the indoor climate and the users' experience, both to be able to intervene in time and ensure a good indoor climate, but also to be able to document the indoor climate in case of a visit from the Working Environment Authority.