A Smart City’s cloud-based command center

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October 28, 2021
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September 28, 2021

Deloitte leveraged numerous diverse relationships to help Cascais establish a collaborative and effective smart city ecosystem composed of more than 30 city partners.
These relationships help Cascais select vendors who share a similar vision, with a goal of enabling it to achieve its smart city goals faster and more cost effectively.

To manage the complex smart city environment, Deloitte implemented its proprietary-managed services Digital Command Center (DCC) and CitySynergy solutions. The DCC essentially functions as an “operational brain” that manages the complex city environment, enabling the integration of legacy systems and centralizing all aspects of its smart city operations.

Real-time data analytics help the city improve decision making and continuously prioritize and respond to events safely and efficiently. CitySynergy operates in tandem with the DCC and acts as the system’s nerve center, helping the city stay connected to its citizens and address their concerns through tools, such as mobile apps, where citizens can photograph and report incidents and problems or reserve, manage, and pay for mobility services.