NTT DATA Business Solutions
November 4, 2021
IoT Sensors
October 28, 2021

Digital connectivity marketplace platform for IoT.

• 1 SIM, 1 console, 1 API gateway – manage all the networks on the planet in one place never needing to worry about replacements in the field.
• Switch connectivity suppliers over-the-air without replacing SIMs in field, allowing insured connectivity that removes supplier locking.
• Widest coverage on LTE-M networks worldwide to enable a global ecosystem of low power IoT use cases.
• Local, regional breakouts for better latency for high bandwidth and real time monitoring use cases.
• All SIMs/eSIMs powered with eUICC technology giving users the power and freedom to choose suppliers on the fly without worrying about SIM replacements in the field.
• 1 contract, 1 SLA, 40+ network operator suppliers to choose with a centralised support desk, quick onboarding and faster time to market.