Construction site project – Power distribution

Intelligent monitoring and analysis of technical installations in buildings
March 13, 2024
Predictive Energy Optimization – Specific ESG initiative
March 13, 2024

Revolutionizing Construction Sustainability: We Build Denmark Collaborates with ReMoni, KT Erhvervsbyg, and Gråkjær for Automated Optimization of Energy Consumption and ESG Reporting

With support from We Build Denmark, ReMoni, together with the construction companies KT Erhvervsbyg and Gråkjær, is currently testing the possibilities of developing automated optimization of construction site energy consumption and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting. This is done by benchmarking construction sites against each other and eventually optimizing the energy- and CO2-intensive processes on the construction site based on online data.

This will help the entire construction industry to increase the sustainability of construction, while making sustainability on the construction site a good business for construction companies. The project has a high level of innovation as it will utilize the innovative ReMoni technology to significantly elevate the field.

This innovative sensor and data analysis technology can collect data far more easily and cheaply than known solutions in the market. It will use the patented ReMoni clamp-on sensors and data analysis tools that use artificial intelligence to measure, optimize and report automatically.

The sensors can be installed on the outside of the existing technical installations on the construction site and send data wirelessly to the central ReMoni cloud solution, where ongoing analysis and optimization will take place. This removes both technical and financial risks, making the solution highly scalable to the entire construction industry.