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Showering smartly: University of Surrey
January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021

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Findings from a preliminary study with residents of the Cranfield University campus have shown that shower times are significantly shorter when showers were fitted with Aguardio time displays. Various forms of University accommodation were fitted with Aguardio sensors that automatically – and unobtrusively – measure shower duration.

Results from the first four months of the research, found that residences with time display units had showers that were around 20% to 30% shorter compared to those with sensors only and no time display; a saving of roughly two minutes per shower.

Dr Heather Smith, Lecturer in Water Governance, Cranfield Water Science Institute, said: “These initial findings show that unobtrusive sensors can be effective at capturing anonymous data on hidden water-use behaviours, and that real-time feedback displays can have an influence on those behaviours to promote water conservation. This preliminary study will inform a much larger trial of the sensors to explore the effects of shower behaviour over the longer term.”