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September 26, 2023
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September 4, 2023

The Danish startup company ZeaEye has developed a small red SOS controller that through a LTE-M connection, can call the Defense Rescue Service and at the same time send valuable data about the boat, sailing route and position. 

"The challenge is that many of the existing solutions either require certificates and training or only share very sparse data about the incident. When you press the SOS button, one minute is used to send a data packet with the location, which boat it is, who the boat's owner is and which route it has sailed, all of which helps the Coastal Rescue Service.

Previously, Zeaeye used a conventional 2G connection. It worked, but high battery consumption and limited range at sea have caused the company to switch to LTE-M at Telenor. Here, ZeaEye is also the first to run voice calls over LTE-M, which is primarily developed for data transmission.