A single web application for controlling thermostats

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June 8, 2022
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March 16, 2022

In 2017, Trifork and Danfoss created the DEVIsmart™ App, alongside the DEVIreg™ Smart thermostats, for customers to manage the comfort and heating of their homes

Danfoss' enterprise customers such as hotels or nursing homes, had a challenge that required a lot of manual work to switch off the electric floor heating during the periods when a room was empty. With DEVIweb™, Trifork and Danfoss have developed a system where it is possible to manage many thermostats from a central system, thereby saving energy for empty rooms.

The solution offers the following key functionalities - removes boring and manual processes, central control of heat in large buildings with many rooms, secure cloud-based solution and the possibility to control on/off devices in addition to the thermostats. The solution is made as a web-based system that allows the user to set up and control thermostats, both  individual thermostats  and or pre-defined groups.

SecureDeviceGrid is used for communication with the thermostats. SecureDeviceGrid is a connectivity platform developed by Trifork and Danfoss, that contains around 200,000 connected devices, used by  DEVIreg™ and other Danfoss products.