Danfoss UK Site Improves OEE by 20% and Achieved a 60% Increase in Uptime

Royal Unibrew achieves a 14% increase in production performance using Factbird
September 26, 2023
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September 4, 2023

Performance Impact

Danfoss achieved a remarkable improvement in their OEE by leveraging Factbird's data insights, going from 50% to 70%. With the system's targeted features, they aim to achieve an OEE1 of 85% by reducing unplanned stops, cycle time, and scrap production.

By collaborating with their operators on how to use Factbird, Danfoss achieved a 60% increase in uptime, resulting in the production of 100 more pieces daily. They developed a method to minimize changeover time, using the batch screen data and the estimated time of completion to allow the line feeder to more effectively manage work to the asset, so preventing the operator from having to leave the line to find their next job.

Operators are also enjoying the challenge and striving to hit 95%. This way Danfoss was able to reduce standard times and increase profitability, all while empowering employees to take an active role in optimizing operations.