Data Respons Solutions

August 27, 2021
July 9, 2021

Data Respons Solutions A/S is a part of an international concern spread over Europe and Far East

With experience from more than 35 years cooperation with the industry Data Respons Solutions work with huge and minor loT-projects in all kind of markets e.g. communication, energy, transport, medical/MedTech, automation, marine/off shore and defense.

Data Respons Solutions develop and deliver robust IOT- and edge Al-solutions by combining development and customization of well known proven embedded platforms from their leading partners. The main part of the solutions are based on electronics (boards/SBCs, networks, IPC/boxes and PPC/monitors) customized the individual project. Other solutions are either full-custom or catalog items (off the shelf). A team of HW- and SW-specialists will (based on the customers specification) produce solutions to be part of products sold by world wide vendors. The usual operating systems (Windows and Linux in different versions) are supported and when further expertise is needed this can be offered as consulting service via the sister company TechPeople A/S. All major networks are supported e.g. LAN, LTE, 5G, BT, WiFi, ZigBee, LORa, Mesh etc.

As a complete technology partner the company offers support in all phases of product life time from specification, development and certification, serial production, delivery, updates and next generation upgrades.