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December 7, 2018
Lithium Balance
December 6, 2018

Intelligent cloud enables the future of energy systems
The energy solution for future sustainable cities is flexible, enables more renewable energy and moves us away from fossil fuels and combustion. By connecting buildings with different needs and balancing the energy between them, ectogrid™ effectively uses all available energy flows and makes it possible to decrease both pollution and the energy consumption in a city. This is a revolution that will help us fight climate change and transform the energy market.

Glaze helps ectogrid™ obtain its intelligent cloud features that routes the energy. The cloud solution is implemented in Microsoft Azure utilizing an event-driven and micro-service based architecture to construct a solution that is scalable to the world’s mega cities and cost-effective to build and operate.

Glaze has among many other projects utilised their experiences from the ectocloud in the ectogrid™ project in their Azure IoT cloud platform Beacon Tower, read more about it here.