Electricity consumption analysis with Neuron Sensors

Monitoring coolers and freezers
January 16, 2023
Condition based monitoring of industrial assets
January 16, 2023

Minimizing use of electricity is important to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing the peak electricity use by moving activities to other times of the day will also reduce cost of electricity. To implement efficient measures, it is important to understand how much and when various processes and assets consume electricity. Many organizations adhere to ISO 50001 to establish, implement, manage, and improve an energy management system.

What you get with Neuron Sensors?

Continuous measurement of current consumption per circuit
Easy mounting with clamp on lead
Detailed current measurements up to one year available in Neuron Cloud
Alerts to operators if current is at higher level than expected. Alerts can be provided on e-mail, SMS or push warnings on mobile phones