Enableing of smart metering platforms on global scale

IoT-enabled UAV monitoring
May 27, 2024
Bedre overvågning af belastningerne i el-distributionsnettet
March 21, 2024

Meterix enhances smart metering with MeterPay platform, expands across Europe and Africa with Velos IoT integration

Meterix specializes in sub-metering applications and their MeterPay platform facilitates online payments for smart metering. MeterPay serves over 3000 consumers in the UK and is currently expanding in Europe and Africa.
Connectivity challenges and slow response times have been critical for Meterix. Velos IoT addresses these challenges by providing APIs for further integration and automation. SIM management, network selection, and real-time monitoring ensure robust connectivity.

Velos IoT’s platform mapping function aids in device location, while watchdog reports help in monitoring device performance. Real-time diameter feeds enable quick identification and resolution of connectivity issues, saving time and costs while enhancing consumer satisfaction.

“Technology is the most important thing that attracts us. Now our support operation runs in “proactive” mode, we can predict when consumers are due to top-up and ensure that we have established connectivity to deliver the tokens. Our meter operators can instruct our meters to roam on certain networks that we know perform better in certain areas and weather conditions. We’ve taken this a step further integrate MeterPay with Velos IoT through Nomad’s API functions into MeterPay so our SIMs are activated during our smart meter dispatch warehousing process.”

– Daniel Homer, Director at Meterix Limited