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May 25, 2021
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May 25, 2021

IIoT solution for energy monitoring for multinational power management company
The challenge
A leading global power management technologies and services company was looking for a solution to remotely monitor various parameters for its customers’ critical assets of heavy industrial plants, spread across acres of land.

Our solution
With our unique blend of engineering and IT expertise we enabled:

• Automated test suite and device simulator that replaced the manual testing of the massive fleet management portal with a hardware device.
• Seamlessly migrated the data collected from IIoT sensors to AWS from restrictive cloud.
• Migrated over 20 microservices-based applications and approximately ~4 TB data for more than 16,000 live devices in a span of just four months.
• To rectify DevOps challenges we implement DevOps pipeline reporting for accurate project monitoring and automated build generation.
• End-to-End CI/CD and ITSM process and configured the tools to increase the cost-efficiency.
• 24x7 L 1.5, L2, and L3 support.

Business Benefits
• Reduced the testing time by 45% and improved the coverage by 100%.
• Automated build generation to reduce its time by 30 %.
• Improved scalability to 50 to 60% over the next five years.
• Solution supports over 50,000 users and up to 10,000 concurrent users.