Engineering connected cleaning equipment

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May 25, 2021
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May 25, 2021

Engineering connected cleaning equipment eanbling 50% cost savings with new IoT gateway
The challenge
• Our client did not have any solution that could enable IoT connectivity for three categories of products. This affected their customer experience and service costs.
• The machines were not equipped with offline health tracking & any wrong utilization resulted in increased warranty costs for our client.

Our Solution
Leveraging our domain expertise & understanding of IoT gateway development, our engineers designed and developed a radical new IoT gateway that changed our client’s complete operations management.

• End-to-end Product Development: We designed and developed a Narrowband IoT gateway to enable connectivity for our customer’s machines.
• Compatibility: The gateway can be enabled to work with cellular protocols of any location across the globe. Our RF lab helped us in validating this for Nb-IoT & 2G.
• Tracking & maintenance: The gateway is equipped with various tracking sensors which enabled predictive maintenance of the machines.
• Data & Memory: We enabled a configurable gateway which reduced the data overhead and in turn, the cost.
• Compliance: We leveraged our network of various testing labs to ensure that the gateway is compliant with global standards such as FCC and CE.

Business Benefits
• Enabled Live tracking
• 50% more cost effective
• Enabled predictive maintenance
• IP65/56 compliance