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February 6, 2024
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December 1, 2023

SolarGateway - energy-efficient IoT solution for municipalities

The Danish municipality, Roskilde Kommune, tested SenArch's solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway for more than 6 months, where it helped to deliver data from sensors placed in local creeks and streams. The goal was to measure the level of water and to provide early warning in the event of rising levels and the threat of flooding. Due to Roskilde's nature and geography, the area is prone to flooding and the municipality therefore has an interest in monitoring the water levels constantly. By placing the SenArch gateway directly on a field close by - completely disconnected from the grid and using only energy from our sun - it was possible to place water levels sensors in locations where normally there is no LoRa-signal coverage. By enabling water level sensors in these difficult locations, Roskilde Kommune was able to capture data and improve its ability to monitor and assess risk.