Wrapping machines
February 16, 2021
Pleje af grønne områder
February 16, 2021

Extron makes production lines, machinery and services to the plastic industry. The company has very deep knowledge of their machines and the plastic forming process itself.
The wish from Extron was to transfer this knowledge into a predictive maintenance service offering. Furthermore, Extron wanted to increase serviceability and production efficiency via extensive End customer reporting. Finally, the IoT toll should be easy to use with no coding skills required.

Noux Node worked with Extron and in a matter of a few weeks a comprehensive cloud cockpit was built around the digital business models Extron wanted to achieve. Additionally, Extron even developed their own new features like a video feed in the cloud from inside machine to monitor running status and potential faults. Extron has developed their own algorithm from the data gathered in order to predict the lifetime of critical wear parts. As Extron is usually part of a bigger production line or even deliver it, unplanned stops are inconvenient and costly as the whole line stand still.

With Noux Cloud Extron has now added a valuable service layer to their business and the knowledge inside the company has been utilized offering more value to the clients of Extron.