CLIMAID Recommend develops action plans for a better indoor climate

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October 11, 2022
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August 23, 2022

CLIMAID Recommend is a tool that amplifies the work for a better indoor climate.

With the system it's easy to quantify the indoor climate, both the physical measurements and how people experience it, and develop realistic actions plans for a better indoor climate.

A CLIMAID Recommend is a time-limited mapping and analysis of an indoor climate in a building, to identify ways to optimize indoor climate and energy consumption. IoT sensors are used to measure the indoor climate, the CLIMAID App to measure the users' experience of the indoor climate, weather data from DMI and our registration app to map the technical installations. The data collected after 30 days is presented in a report along with recommendations for where and how to improve.

CLIMAID Recommend is used when data-based decisions need to be made, such as during renovations, when deciding on new ventilation conditions, or when employees complain about indoor climates.

Fredericia Municipality saved up to 66% with CLIMAID Recommend

A survey was conducted by CLIMAID in order to determine the indoor climate and employee satisfaction. The results of survey reported a good indoor climate and satisfied employees, but also an extraction system that ran unnecessarily a lot.

CLIMAID Recommend showed that the extraction system ran at 100% of capacity when the building was closed and empty. CO2 measurements showed that if the system was switched off during working hours, they municipality achieve a saving of 66%.