Fremco Fiber Blower
January 23, 2020
innogy smart-meter rollout
December 16, 2019

Fremco machines blow fiber cables through empty tubes for the telecommunications industry. Fremco’s customers were demanding data-rich reporting of fiber installation.
From the starting point of their machine with no connectivity, Fremco realized the importance of acting quickly to stay ahead of the competition. By replacing this user interface with a simpler and less-expensive new controller that featured a tablet with an app, all data could be logged, fulfilling compliance to their customers and more.

Seluxit delivered hardware, firmware, cloud software and an app to Fremco. Hardware was developed for an improved controller, which reduces cost as the new controller used a microcontroller as opposed to a PLC. Seluxit also helped by adding sensors to the controller that could measure electric current, temperature and location (GPS). Seluxit also developed a user interface. The data was also forwarded to a partner which provided Fremco with a dashboard for fleet management.

The product-usage data can now be used to optimize Fremco’s product offering. The data could open up for a machine-as-a-service model, reducing the need for capital expenditure. Learning from the data can allow preventative maintenance and ultimately automating the process which up to now has required specialized operators.