Gardena Smart Systems

innogy smart-meter rollout
December 16, 2019
October 25, 2019

Before the project, Gardena’s customers could schedule and control their robot lawnmower, but only through the lawnmower’s own interface. Gardena wanted to allow their customers to schedule and control their lawnmower using an app. An app would also allow different Gardena products to be operated and orchestrated together.
Gardena had started in-house development of the lawnmower, but came into difficulties with wireless-signal range and creating a scalable system that could expand to other products. Seluxit’s existing technology offered a viable solution for both problems, and now, after an initial project of only a year from idea to store shelf, tens of thousands of products are sold across Europe producing terabytes of data traffic a month in peak season.

The solution has lead to substantial sales growth for Gardena, and the story has only just begun. New Gardena products and integrations (e.g., Amazon Alexa) are being added. Gardena is gathering valuable information about the use of their products that is helping them improve their product line. It is easy for Gardena to implement new features through over-the-air firmware updates, and they have direct communication with their customers through their product-suite app, allowing for upselling and offering new add-on services.