Helping Telecom Operators Densify Network Coverage

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February 8, 2024
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February 6, 2024

Enhancing Telecommunications: SenArch Solar-Powered IoT Gateway for Addressing Wireless Dead Zones

The role of a telecommunications operator is to own, operate and sell services on its communications network. In the wireless services industry, this requires building a network and coverage of signal that reaches nationwide, or at the very least where the subscribers are. This can be difficult due to many factors, including but not limited to dealing with geography and locating relevant roof-tops and towers to install the radio equipment on. While this is an enormous task, all wireless operators have experienced and skilled technical and engineering staff to design, plan and deploy these networks. And while most of the time, the network coverage provides good service, we have all experienced "dropped calls" due to "dead zones" when using our mobile phones.

In wireless IoT connectivity, network coverage is usually also very good, but "dead zones" exist here too. Because operators are committed to providing a quality service to their subscribers, it will want to solve this issue by somehow providing signal coverage in the "dead zones". A solution is to deploy the SenArch solar-powered IoT gateway in or close to the "dead zone", thereby creating signal and coverage exactly where it’s needed. And, because it’s solar-powered and off-the-grid, it can be placed anywhere outdoors.