Smart sensor system to control Covid regulations

Smart sensor system for a frictionless working environment
May 26, 2021
LB Forsikring
May 26, 2021

IE Business School, with it's main campus situated in Madrid, is one of Europes top business schools.
As many other higher educational institutions, IE Business School are daily facing challenges in regards to ensuring adequate space for its many students. Auditoriums and classrooms are booked out of convenience, habit, proximity and facilities, rather than taking into consideration how many seats are needed or how many students are expected to attend. With no source of data previous available other than flawed observational or guesstimates, UbiqiSense is pinpointing problem-areas, bottlenecks and optimisation potential in regards to the expensive square meters in the Spanish capital.

As further stress is put on the organisation due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic currently disrupting our work-, social- and educational institutions, IE Business School has implemented UbiqiSense's Covid-19 response solution. They have defined the maximum occupancy levels in their various areas, as well as a safe distance which should be maintained throughout the premises. With UbiqiSense smart sensor system, they are now receiving live notifications whenever too many people are gathered in a single area, or groups with people standing too close are formed, and can quickly resolve the situation. In this way, IE Business School is able to keep open while ensuring the safety of their employees and students alike. IE Business School is looking to also add UbiqiSense in their new Caleido High rise building.