Implementing IoT in the Region of Jönköping – A Sensative Customer Case

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Implementing IoT in the Region of Jönköping – A Sensative Customer Case

The Project
In 2020, a PoC project was launched in the Region of Jönköping, Sweden, by the region’s thirteen municipalities and other municipal organizations, supported by the Swedish Energy Agency and Vinnova (Swedish governmental R&D agency). Apart from municipal actors, the project also involves real estate companies, communication providers, and more, totaling about 100 participants. The project will run until 2022 and aims to open up the use of IoT technology in the region by making it accessible to a host of municipal and private regional actors to trial the technology and learn in a user-friendly and straightforward manner.

Participants will explore new applications and use cases during the project, and the involved parties will share experiences, possible gains, and identified financial benefits. Further, the project wants to lay a foundation of expertise for structuring long-term IoT operations in the region and aid in creating a base for the digitization of cities and society as a whole.

Below you find a summary of the case.

The Platform
During the procurement of an IoT platform to lay the foundation for the whole project, the Region of Jönköping put out an invitation to a tender. The county received seven offers, and Sensative won the tender together with Combitech (independent technical consulting company and Sensative partner). The region based their requirements on material from the IoT Sweden working group “Standards and IoT Platforms.” A substantial part of why Sensative won is the Yggio platform’s open horizontal design. Lahrin explains that in the city of Jönköping alone, there are about 4-600 different active systems that need to communicate, and this is before counting any deployed sensors and IoT systems, so it is necessary to acquire a platform with a competent integration layer.

Use Cases
After winning the tender, Sensative and Combitech suggested use cases suitable for initial pilot projects for the new technology. As a result, the Region of Jönköping bought three initial applications, with different sensor types for each application, which the region employed in four of its cities. Included in the package were consulting services covering the whole project length. Sensative and Combitech selected the specific initial use cases to briefly introduce the Yggio platform and let the municipalities quickly acquire data that could show all involved parties clear results and data to build upon

Monitoring of water temperature
In conjunction with weather data, water temperature data from local lakes are collected in Yggio and shared with citizens on municipal websites.

Tracking lifebuoys
Sensors monitor lifebuoys and detect when a specific buoy leaves its resting place. During such an event, Yggio sends out alarms to the concerned parties. In reverse, Yggio will also notify when a buoy is returned to its resting position.

Positioning of defibrillators
Defibrillators placed around buildings is monitored in Yggio, and alarms will be sent out to relevant parties when the device is activated. This setup can help emergency staff quickly reach a person who has just suffered a heart attack.