Improvement of IoT platform for Renewable Energy Systems

The Tricloud IoT platform for collecting Telemetry data from tests via IoT Edge technology
March 13, 2023
Real Estate IoT Use Case – Castellum
February 23, 2023

In 2021 Tricloud engaged with RES Group (Renewable Energy System), the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, operating 22 GW of renewable energy globally.

RES recently started building an IoT platform to collect operational time series data from renewable energy production sites, such as wind- and solar farms, using Azure IoT technologies. It also includes custom vision applications, such as detecting and reacting to wind turbine shadow effects, to avoid disturbing local residents.

The assignment was initially to conduct an assessment of the maturity, and suggest specific improvements to both their platform and products. After delivering the assessment, Tricloud was hired to participate in implementing the suggested changes as well as implement new features. In collaboration with the existing team we contributed to the further development of their platform Responsibilities:

Review of existing IoT Edge codebase and setup
Implementation of new IoT Edge modules
Implementation of platform improvements (build pipelines, automatic unit/integration testing, etc.)
Streaming of collected data and computer vision output to IoT Hub