Improving centre pivot irrigation for agriculture with IoT

IoT-enabled UAV monitoring
May 27, 2024

Connected centre pivot monitoring for better irrigation 

FieldWise, a Nebraska-based leader in agricultural technology, provides controllers for remote monitoring of centre pivots and sensors, which optimize irrigation efficiency. Reliable connectivity is vital for their success, especially as they expand internationally.

During critical growing seasons, reliable connectivity shortens response times for device breakdowns, preserving crop yields and saving water resources. FieldWise's equipment pumps significant amounts of water, making scalable international connectivity crucial for resource conservation.

Velos IoT offers a comprehensive data connectivity solution, with global coverage and a single platform for SIM management. This ensures seamless connectivity across continents, even in rural and agricultural areas.

“Velos IoT provides us a single vendor that allows global connectivity so that we can focus our resources on our core products and services. At a glance, we can use the Velos IoT portal to see how our devices are working through the world and identify problematic devices. Best of all, the staff at Velos IoT are knowledgeable and responsive when we have questions.” Brian Klawinski - Managing Director at Field Wise USA