Intelligent monitoring and analysis of technical installations in buildings

Optimering af fjernvarme – fra manuelt til data-drevet drift
March 20, 2024
Construction site project – Power distribution
March 13, 2024

Precision monitoring and analysis: unveiling operational insights in public and commercial buildings through our sensor technology and data models

Using our own sensors combined with data models, we monitor the technical installations in public and commercial buildings, such as offices, schools and daycare centers.
By using our technology, both monitoring and breakdown can be done at a high resolution, right down to each individual unit, e.g. ventilation system, heating surface or heating circuit.
In this way, the solution allows you to benchmark between buildings and see operational patterns at a higher level, as well as to dive into a single technical unit in the installation and analyze how it operates, including how it operates in relation to the other parts of the technical installation.