IoT Edge platform for a project programme

Hjerteforeningen (The Danish Heart Association) increasing the chance of saving lives with IoT
September 1, 2023
The Tricloud IoT platform for collecting Telemetry data from tests via IoT Edge technology
March 13, 2023

Tricloud engaged with Haldor Topsøe to deliver an IoT Edge platform for a project programme covering 4 tracks

IoT Platform for configuration, modelling and deployment of data collection for globally distributed customer sites, enabling data analytics for an analytical team, delivering new digital services to customers using frontend application and computer vision-based quality control, based on IoT Edge and ML Ops pipeline.
During the project, Tricloud delivered:

Architectural blue-print for IIoT platform
ARM template-based platform deployment
Design and implementation of secure IoT edge device provisioning
Implementation of network security (VNET integration) for the IoT- and analytics platform
Implementation of fully automated unit- and integration tests of IoT Edge modules using ARM templates and Azure DevOps
Implementation of IoT Edge modules for data collection (OpcUA, Modbus, OsiSoft PI)
Implementation of IoT Edge module for executing custom Computer Vision quality control, using high resolution cameras
Implementation of backend API in Azure Functions / Durable functions, to serve frontend and integrate with Azure IoT services, for easy deployment and monitoring
Implementation of security monitoring, using Defender for IoT
Train Haldor Topsøe personnel in IoT Edge, DevOps, Azure and full stack development