August 27, 2021
Data Respons Solutions
August 27, 2021

KMD A/S is Denmark's largest software company and a leading supplier of mission-critical software, solutions, and IT services with a growing footprint in the private sector and in the Nordics.

The company always aims to understand customers' strategic objectives, business needs and everyday challenges to make a difference for their business and for all those who work with and use the solutions, that are created. KMD provides solutions to the energy industry for more than 35 years, and is used to meeting ambitious climate goals and supporting the green agenda. KMD EnergyKey is the energy management tool that acts as a map of the collective efforts made by companies and public institutions to achieve the energy and climate goals they set.

KMD EnergyKey can collect and utilize data from all relevant data sources in a single solution and calculate factors including energy consumption, key figures, and budget deviations to make buildings more energy efficient across sectors and national borders. This also includes receiving, validating, and analyzing data from IOT devices and systems such as Sigfox to enhance the value of data and create new opportunities.