Revolutionizing waste management with ‘WasteControl’ sensors

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October 28, 2021
Smart solutions for efficient waste collection
October 28, 2021

Better Spaces for Life in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Properties and Procurement (KEID) is a part of Copenhagen Municipality that aims to create spaces for life within the community. KEID owns and manages over 2.6 million square meters of Copenhagen Municipality's property portfolio. Waste collection on a significant portion of these square meters occurs on a fixed emptying schedule. KEID wished to change this to a demand-based emptying.

In order to create space in the city, KEID chose to install "WasteControl" sensors in locations including Copenhagen City Hall (City Hall Square) and Copenhagen Fire Station (City). The results are crystal clear – depending on the type of waste, the use of "WasteControl" sensors leads to a reduction in the number of emptyings ranging from 53% to 77%. For instance, a maxi container is now emptied only once a month on average, whereas it used to be emptied weekly. The derived effects of these significant reductions are, of course, numerous, including a reduction in:

  • the number of driven kilometers,
  • the emission of NoX particles
  • the emission of CO2
  • fewer garbage trucks stopping to empty partially filled containers.

In other words, KEID ensures, through the use of "WasteControl" sensors, less heavy traffic, an improved environment, and a significant reduction in waste collection costs in Copenhagen."