Watson IoT to maximize agility and product quality at L’Oreal manufacture shops

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July 9, 2021
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July 9, 2021

By applying Watson IoT to their manufacturing shops, L’Oreal was able to maximize flexibility, agility and product quality.
L’Oreal is a big international cosmetics brand that is manufacturing a wide array of different products for a large range of customer segments.

Through a co-development process using design thinking, IBM and L’Oreal got together to give their production a makeover to prepare them for industry 4.0. They wanted a system that could help them become more agile to develop new products while still ensuring the high quality of the existing products.

The solution was a platform using Watson IoT in their manufacturing shops, creating more flexibility, agility and maximizing product quality. The solution also made it easier for L’Oreal to find the root causes of their production problems and therefore they could be taken care of faster and more efficiently.