Lorenz Technology

January 25, 2022
January 25, 2022

Lorenz Technology ApS is a Funen-based company that develops and supplies autonomous, AI-based drone software with the aim to utilize the full potential of smart drone technology in terms of security, work efficiency, and sustainability.
At Focus Advokater P/S, we have provided Lorenz Technology ApS with legal advice related to the data protection regulations, data management, and how to comply with privacy standards when collecting data on behalf of customers though the Lorenz “AI Link®“ – a device attached to the drone that allows for AI-based, autonomous flight and task execution – and their Soft-ware-as-a-Service platform “Lorenz Hive” – a drone fleet management hub. Specifically, we have participated in a project focusing on Privacy by Design and cyber security related to data collection from drones.
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