December 7, 2020
September 16, 2020

Automated high volume production of printed electronics. Pliable and stretchable sensors on flexible materials are a key part of the future of wearables and IoT devices

Mekoprint offers a range of solutions for printed electronics in high volumes – From development, production of initial prototypes to roll-2-roll series production in high volume. All solutions are 100 percent customized and designed for manufacturing.

Printed Stretchable Sensors
Screen printed stretchable sensors on non-woven material and TPU-foil. They introduce a new dimension to flexibility as the sensors can stretch without losing function and can thus be placed close to or directly on the skin.

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)
Etched and printed flexible circuits on copper foils can be advantageously used as a cost-optimized alternative to traditional and rigid PCBs. Particularly suitable for irregular, curved surfaces. Can be produced in a continuous pattern in the length of the roll.

Capacitive Touch Sensors
Most widely used solution for ’off-screen’ touch and a cost-efficient alternative to PCB-based touch solutions and traditional keyboards.

As a European partner, we are never far away. We are already assisting many large companies and are always happy to act as a sounding board for new and existing solutions.