February 16, 2021
September 16, 2020

Nabto enables secure and direct connectivity to IoT devices.

We have provided our customers with an IoT connectivity platform based on P2P technology since 2007, which enables connections directly between the end-user client and IoT devices. This allows companies to build and make quality remote control apps, high-performance video streaming, remote enable existing applications, and much more.

The Nabto platform delivers a full communication infrastructure to allow fast, secure and simple connections with no firewall or dynamic IP hassle and the possibility to remote control IoT devices directly and from everywhere. The direct connectivity means very low latency and high privacy of the end-user’s data, where no data is stored in the cloud – only directly on the IoT device under full control of the user.

Today we have more than 2 million active devices using our platform and customers worldwide in everything from surveillance cameras, hearing aids and smart controllers, etc. in the security, energy, industrial and medical fields.