September 16, 2020
Topdanmark Forsikring A/S
January 23, 2020

A proven IoT partner

Netlight is a preferred digital partner on large IoT projects within e.g. mobility and logistics, insurance, construction and manufacturing. Today, Netlight has over 1400 consultants in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Zurich. We deliver independent consulting and customized IoT solutions of significant value with the skills of not only one consultant but the input of over 1000 professionals throughout Europe sharing their knowledge and experience. Since 1999, Netlight has collaborated with both startups and established market leaders. We also manage early explorative processes and are often asked to perform pre-studies to investigate and determine technology choices and feasibility, development, timeline and costs, target architecture, required staffing and more.

We are proud to be leaders of the digital revolution
Please read through the cases below describing our vast experience within IoT as a driver for operational excellence and future business opportunities.