Noux Node

ElastiSense ApS
March 23, 2021
February 16, 2021

Noux Node has developed a full Cloud software solution, directed towards industrial OEM´s from small companies to large enterprises.

Noux Node was founded by a group of people with strong experience in automation and cloud solutions. We offer an easy-to-use cloud solution with no big upfront IT investments. An average user (no coding skills required) of Noux Cloud is up and running in hours and can then build a digital layer to their machine in a matter of weeks. Typical use cases are improving the service business, reporting machine performance to end user, improving machine efficiency and support R&D for machine improvements.

Noux Node edge software is connected to Noux Cloud and can be controlled from here. The edge device is installed at the machine, where it is connected to the data sources (PLC, sensors etc.).Noux Nodes software solution are 100% independent of automation systems, hardware and platforms, which means new and old equipment can be connected. Also, previously data collected can be utilized including integration to SCADA, MES, ERP and BI.

Noux Node make IoT easily accessible and companies can begin their digital journey . With Noux Node Your expertise can be transformed into valuable digital services.