Operational Excellence

Predictive Maintenance
September 16, 2020
January 23, 2020

Netlight assisted one of the world's largest shipping companies with digitizing and optimizing the operation of their fleet
Netlight played a vital part a large IoT programme, building an IoT platform with the aim to positively impact the environment while reducing operational costs. The optimization platform has been successfully implemented enabling fast feedback loops and data-driven decision making reducing operational costs, fuel consumption and fleet maintenance.

Our engagement
Netlight was brought in to help revamp an ongoing project with an ambitious deadline to migrate the solution from proof of concept to ready for production. Netlight was responsible for assessing the technical platform and breaking down the project into short-term goals in order to meet the initial deadline. Netlight was instrumental in building the infrastructure to run software on the vessels, transfer data between vessels and shore data centers as well as developing end user applications that allow users to analyze real-time data in order to take action. The analytics software has been developed in close collaboration with domain experts with various engineering backgrounds.