Optical vegetable grading

Label inspection
May 12, 2021
Datadrevne Energi Eksperter
April 27, 2021

We have developed customised machine vision solutions for food grading of production volumes up to 25 tons per hour, which requires analysing more than 250,000 products from around 7,500,000 images.
Throughout the integration of various vision systems for optical inspection, we have obtained vast knowledge about various challenges related to mechanical integration, cleaning and handling of material in machines, and the restrictions this often poses to the visions systems in regards to speed, lighting, and image capturing in an industrial environment.

We have developed a range of customised machine vision systems for grading, weighing and packaging fruit and vegetables, primary for Newtec A/S – a market-leading manufacturer. These solutions minimise scrap, ensure high product quality and prevent unsatisfactory products from reaching the end customer. With high-performance accuracy, our vision technology thus assists customers in reducing production and labour costs.

Moreover, we are developing innovative x-ray technologies that efficiently inspect whole potatoes and other vegetables, detecting contaminants such as needles, nails, rocks, stones, glass, and other foreign objects as well as hollow hearts, which further guarantee safety and quality.