Passive moisture sensor build into wall, floors and roofs

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September 16, 2020
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September 16, 2020

InviSense develops and sells an extremely thin passive moisture sensor which, built in to walls, floors or roofs, measures relative humidity in buildings without damaging the construction.
With a 0.1 mm thin passive moisture sensor and InviSense cloud based service, facility owners are able to measure in real time, analyze and secure the humidity. An IoT solution where all measurement data is saved and connected to each sensor.

Mekoprint took part in producing the sensor, having the setup needed by InviSense - Complete in-house production setup and well managed process control.

A minimal of manual handling is involved in the production of the sensor. In a R2R production setup Mekoprint is able to control process parameters and quality standards to the degree needed by InviSense.

Documentation and complete reproducibility is extremely important and essential for the functionality and commercial success of the sensor. The sensor consists of etched cobber foil with silk screen printed electrically conductive circuits of silver and parts of lacquer and transfer tape.

As a finishing process the printed sensor is punched into right dimensions and delivered to InviSense as ready-made items. Packed and ready for application.