Predictive Energy Optimization – Specific ESG initiative

Construction site project – Power distribution
March 13, 2024
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February 9, 2024

Predictive optimization and control of heating which finances sustainability reporting, CO2 reduction efforts, complex technical analyses of your buildings and improved building operation

The solution delivers an average of 30% energy reduction and associated CO2
emissions. Our results range from 16.5% to 36% reduction.

We want risk-free and transparent collaborations, and we assume all costs and risks
and risks through a model where we share the measured savings. This means there are no
investments or other costs.

Secure your Scope 2 reporting while actively reducing your energy consumption.
- Specific and traceable CO2 reduction
- On average 30% documented energy reduction
- Audit trail and fully automated data collection
- Activity-based Scope 2 reporting according to EU law