Predictive Maintenance

Setting new standards
September 16, 2020
Operational Excellence
September 16, 2020

Netlight assisted one of the leading providers of maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircrafts with the development of a new predictive maintenance platform.
The client wanted to take the digital transformation of the aviation industry to the next level by being a pioneer in offering unique digital MRO solutions. The platform supports customers in managing complex fleets in real time and in forecasting probabilities of failure for single components. Customers achieve more reliable operations with maximized operating hours, reduced costs and improved safety.

Our engagement
Netlight assisted the client with the platform architecture and digitising maintenance data by creating a comprehensive data analytics solution. Netlight also played a key role in terms of raising the speed and quality of development in teams by helping them adopt new best-practices. Netlight helped to implement agile methodologies based on scrum enabling internal teams to improve their autonomy and efficiency by introducing new team structures and tooling.