July 1, 2019
Alfred Priess
July 1, 2019

Promovec creates smart solutions for electrical bikes
EKTOS has helped Promovec develop a smartphone app with advanced functionalities and visualization of real time data inputs. With the app it is possible, for instance, to track distance and battery level as well as making changes to the settings of the bike. You can type in the trip you are planning, and the bike will automatically distribute the battery power available evenly across the whole trip.

The app is connected to the bicycle with Bluetooth Low Energy. Establishing safe and robust Bluetooth communication between the electrical system of the bike and the app was a complex task because various components of the system have been designed by different subcontractors. Furthermore the app has been developed for both iOS and Android.

EKTOS has designed the UI of the app as well as the information architecture. Now EKTOS is in process of defining Cloud data storage for bike data being sent via smartphone.